Doing what I love

Working in IT is not the only thing I do and it’s not the only thing I love doing. A great Passion of mine is to film.

From an early age on I wanted to be a cameraman, while every kid else wanted to be a fireman or policeman. Buying my first camera (which wasn’t working) from a garage sale for a few Euro’s. I didn’t really care that it didn’t work, I could see through a lens and that was good enough for me. Where I went, my cheap not working camera went, just to have fun and to imagine what I could film & make.

This passion never really went away. Of-course you get some different interests throughout the years when growing up, but that feeling of wanted to create some kind of visual/film product always stayed close to me. I did some film projects at my high school, university and eventually for some companies. It was never really big, but I enjoyed it very much.


The turning point was when I made the choice to follow a Television Minor at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. It was a bit outside of my normal routine, because IT and the Television is somewhat of an odd combination. I first started to create a few small projects, mostly news based programs about interesting stuff happening within Amsterdam. It was fun, new and exciting. I even was the talkhost of the program ‘Recap’ in the studio of Pauw and Jinek! Sure, this was an one time event, but an event I never ever thought I would be doing.

Making a short documentary, was however a whole different league. I had to create an idea from scratch and that was a tough challenge.. Not only I had to find a story and people, I also had to find an entertaining way to show this story. A lot of discussions later I made the decision to make the documentary about Gaming YouTubers. Not everyone in the group agreed with that idea, but I wanted to make this project no matter what. Because this topic was fresh, new and unknown for most people. The script was already in my head, the only thing I had to do was to film it and that’s what I did. After a lot of work this was the result.

This is still one of my proudest achievements to date. Not only did we receive the highest rating that ever was given, it also went on (real) prime time television and was even displayed on the bigscreen at the IDFA (International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam) & CampusDoc.

I’m curious what the future might hold, but one thing I know for sure. I want to combine these worlds into one.

Maurits de Koning